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Donate to Laila's Legacy Animal Rescue 

Laila’s Legacy was founded with a mission to ensure that every homeless dog – including those with behavioral or physical challenges – that comes through our doors has a chance at a better life while educating the public on breed bias, individualistic training, and the importance of spay-neuter to lower the impact of returned, rehomed, and abandoned animals in shelters across the United States.

Every dollar you donate goes toward saving a life. Your donation - no matter the size - makes a difference.


If a financial obligation is not feasible, we understand! You can fundraise through an event or social media, foster one of our animals, or share our name to your friends & family. Regardless of your contribution we are so thankful for your support to help us save lives at Laila's Legacy! 

choose a fund to donate to!

While every dollar you donate goes towards animal care (yes, 100%), you can choose a specific fund to support! Toggle through below to see more on each! 

Penelope's Pals

Penelope's Pals is a fund in honor of a sweet pup who came into Laila Legacy's care and has since passed over the rainbow bridge. Every dollar of this fund goes towards our dogs with behavioral challenges. 

So many of our dogs need behavioral support in the form of trainers, supportive materials for mental enrichment (lick mats or snuffle boards) or for training (like karunda beds or long lines), and sometimes medication for additonal support. For one dog it can cost over $5,000 for proper support depending on the amount of sessions and supplies that dog needs. 

One session with a trainer is $150, a board and train for 2 weeks is $3,000, supportive medications can range from $20-200 a month. 

We'll never let finances stop us from supporting our dogs but we need YOUR help to continue funding what these dogs need. Furthermore, your financial support to Penelope's Pals means we can save more dogs from shelters or even other rescues, furthering our life saving mission. 

For 2024, we've set our goal at $55,000 which will enable us to support over 300 dogs with at least one training session and basic supplies to their foster. Please consider donating today! 

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Girl with Dogs

Does your company offer a donation match? 

Many companies offer a donation match program for their employees. Reach out to your HR representative or check out the link below to find a contact at your company and details about the match program. 

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Does your company offer corporate sponsorships

We are always open to new partnerships with companies large and small, to support our rescue or fundraising events. If you'd like to see our sponsorship packages please reach out here. 

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