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Laila's Legacy was founded with a mission to ensure that every homeless animals - including those with behavioral or physical challenges - that comes through our doors has a chance at a better life while educating the public on breed bias, individualistic training, and the importance of spay-neuter to lower the impact of returned, rehomed, and abandoned animals in shelters across the United States. 

Who Is

Who's Laila?

Laila was an incredible dog who unfortunately had a behavioral challenge that caused aggression towards dogs. Laila loved her humans, and especially our Co-Founder, Ashe. She was pretty big - that combined with local breed bias meant sometimes people were afraid of her. She was goofy, loved to play, smart, and a happy dog. That never stopped her from winning them over though!


The rescue she was with received her during a disaster relief transport, unaware of her behavioral challenges. They did not have the resources to support Laila and couldn't find  a suitable partner to take on her care. As a result she was euthanized for her behavioral challenges.


Laila's Legacy was founded to save dogs like Laila. We never want a dog to be euthanized because an owner, a volunteer, or an organization didn't have the resources or have a partner that could help them or because breed bias stopped them from getting the help they deserved. Dogs like Laila deserve a chance at life and that's what we're here to do!

Meet The Team

Our Founders


Program Managers


Not to mention all our wonderful volunteers & board members that make this all possible!

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