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Volunteering is a fulfilling and amazing way to give back to a community amongst managing your busy schedule. There are a number of ways you can volunteer such as giving an animal a ride from the shelter, to and from a vet appointment, or to events. Offering to handle and advocate for a dog at an adoption event or helping set up or run the cat area at an adoption or fundraising event are also great ways to give back! Doing laundry, helping file paperwork, organize data, or answer emails - if you'd rather do something from the comfort of your home - are critical to operating the rescue. 

If you want to give back in a bigger way, we also have volunteer roles like Adoption Counselors, Surrender Counselors, Foster Counselors, and Event Managers that offer a longer term commitment and more hours, but with a flexible schedule!


If you're not sure how you'd like to volunteer yet, that's okay! Simply sign up below and we'll get you on our volunteer list so you can be made aware of any volunteer opportunities we have! 


Laila's Legacy is happy to sign off on any school or court mandated community service hours. 




Help a dog get adopted! You choose the animals you 'counsel' for, and see them through until they're adopted! You'll partner with adopters during the adoption process and act as a resource after they adopt. 



Partner with interested fosters through the foster training and onboarding process. You'll remain a resource for questions, advice, or connect with staff as necessary to ensure a smooth fostering process!




Partner with previous adopters as they navigate challenges that might cause them to return or rehome their dog. You'll work alongside (and be trained by) our Executive Director as you provide guidance to the families you support.

Adoption Event


Run & support our weekly adoption events through mid-week coordination of dog & volunteers attending, picking up supplies from a local staff member, and managing the on site event from handlers to seeing dogs get adopted!

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