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Rehoming Your Pet

Choosing to re-home or surrender your pet is never easy and we know that it's often a last resort because of other life circumstances. 

Because Laila’s Legacy is a fully foster based organization we can't guarantee that we can take an animal into care but we are happy to discuss a rehome with our organization. In the rehome capacity, you would keep your and remain their owner until we were able to find a suitable adoptive home or if applicable a foster home. We would post your pet on our website, assign them to one of our adoption counselors, and have them attend adoption events in order to meet potential adoptive families.


All potential adopters would be filtered through our screening process just as any of the dogs we have in foster care. Once an adoptive family is found (it can take days/weeks/months it just depends), you would sign official relinquishment paperwork to the rescue and we'll process the adoption. If something were to happen where that adopter could no longer care for the dog, they'd come back to us through our adoptive return policy. 

Below we've outlined the do's and don'ts to ensure a successful rehome if you chose to move forward and the full step by step process! 

  • Give plenty of time - with ample time to surrender, rehome, or find placement for your pet, we're able to host you and your pet at adoption events, circulate to the appropriate fosters, & get you set up with other support like training, etc. if necessary!
  • Tell us everything - by sharing the ins-and-outs of your pet's needs, behavioral or medical challenges, reason for moving, lifestyle, and more we're able to more effectively support you and your pet! 
  • Have your paperwork in order -  we'll require proof of vaccinations, spay/neuter, and history of preventatives and heartworm testing. 


  • Wait until the last minute - waiting until the final few days before you need placement for your pet will make it difficult for us to support you and will likely mean you'll have to take a shelter. 
  • Hide the truth about your pet or reason for rehoming/surrendering - we're not opposed to behavioral or medical challenges or specific needs in a pet's new home, but it is crucial we know the everything to support you and your pet properly. 


How does it work 


Fill out the form below to begin the rehome/surrender process. Be as descriptive and honest as possible so we know as many details as possible before reaching out. 


Our Executive Director and Director of Programs will personally review everything sent in. We'll reach out with questions, concerns, or clarifications, or reach out to officially get you set up!


We'll request copies of your pet's vet records that show they're up to date on vaccinations, altered, and have been receiving monthly preventatives. Depending on your pet's needs, we'll do the same for behavioral information.

P.S. If you have this, you can forward to our team at so we can move the process along quicker


Once everything is in order, we'll have you sign our rehome agreement which confirms that you'll be the owner of your pet until they're adopted or brought into foster, if previously agreed on. 


We'll collect photos and a quick blurb from you about your pet to get them added to our website and assigned an Adoption Counselor. 


That's it! From here you'll be invited to adoption events and our adoption team will begin pushing them out and screening adopters. If agreed upon, we'll keep you updated on finding a foster! 

If you think this program is a good fit for you...

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